My (completed) MythTV Box!
Pictures in the gallery.

status component base price total price
here! Asus Pundit Socket-478 135.0 139.00
here! Intel 2.4B GHz P4, 533MHz FSB, 51 135.9 136.98
here! Western Digital 120GB/8.9ms/8MB/7 99.99 49.99
here! 2x Rosewill 256MB PC-2700 RAM 43.98 52.98
here! PVR-500 140.4 149.78
here! Asus 16X DVD-ROM (Silver) 26.27 35.34
581.65 564.07
Here are some links to other people's pages, pretty much for my own use:
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And some component links:
mythtv-users ml about pvr-500
ivtv 0.3
mythtv on gentoo faq
ivtv-devel ml sf page
pvr-500 on pcalchemy

The PVR-500 is working, thanks to someone on the ivtv-devel mailing list.  A scaling problem (same person clued me into that) was also fixed, so now I see the entire picture.

Need to get the picture to fill the screen and crop off the 'closed captioning' (VBI) data at the top of the frame.

Everything is working again after the update to 0.20.1-fixes (and ivtv-0.8.0). Now with a 400 GB drive which will hold quite a few shows.