<Surye> mandrake was all like "hello brien, how have you been? sit back and relax while i do this for you. put your feet up while you're at it, friend" and gentoo is like "sit the fuck down! i aint doin' this shit for you. what do i look like your bitch?! *SMACK*"
<Midknight> hmm, ext3 or reiser is the big question :)
<Midknight> maybe should just flip a quarter
<steev> reiser
<Midknight> why, do you say that vs going ext3?
<steev> i prefer reiser
<Midknight> I prefer redheads vs. blonds but that dosn't mean they're better in bd
<Midknight> bed
<steev> yes they are
< vax> ugh, linux entered my dreams last night
< benklop> vax would it be worse if windows did?
< vax> no ;-D
< vax> er
< vax> yes i mean
< vax> sorry, massively tired
< opello> lol
< benklop> heh
< vax> in my dream this girl i was talking to said that a package was broken, i said report it to bugs.gentoo.org :-(
< opello> LOL
< vuud> That would make a great bumper sticker: Gentoo - Seems simple enough
< s0be> always fear the moment that you ask a friend 'got a boot disk handy' and they dissapear before you can hint enter.
< opello> do any of you fellows know about gimp2 and printing? :D sorry to interrupt
< [g2]> there's a gimp2?
< tseng> um.. i dont have a printer
<rfoxmich> Like all great regexps... looks like someone sneezed punctuation at the screen.
< eFUDd> Then again, I also suggested 2 years ago that linode have a minimum aptitude test for purchasers.
< eFUDd> I'm an asshole. :/
< blake-> I would still be looking for hosting.
< blake-> :-\
< zkorpio> hi someone knows an spanish csharp room?
< opello> zkorpio: your english is good enough
< zkorpio> opello: thanks but i need some information about poo
< zkorpio> i am new in poo and i need an spanish room to talk about...
< v3rmap> poo?
< zkorpio> oriented objects programming